About Slow Hairy Demon

A Norwegian man designing and sewing clothes since winter 2015.


How clothes make people behave and feel is a curious thing for me. It is a personal architecture. It gives an environment for the image of the self. And I belive different clothes affect how people choose to be. A chosen set of clothes can turn out to be a self confirming circle. Where a person pick clothes that represent what they want to communicate, and then the clothes will help them inherent the attitude they may seek. And by selecting a radical different outfit the next day, that same person may behave and think in new ways.

It can be a physiological differences, where colours make them more, or less, visible, clothes can have cultural meaning, how much a garment is worth, may all be affecting behaviours. And there are physical differences. Trousers without pockets will force you to not have your hands in your pockets. And probably make you carry a backpack, purse or a suitcase. A skirt will probably make you sit with your legs more tighter.

I belive we should have as many different kinds of clothes available as possible, just to be able to not miss anything we shouldn't be missing. At the moment I don't know what that could be. But I feel it would be thoughtless not to try to create new ways of encasing our existence.


Clothes are communication. With a hidden set of rules origins from the culture we are living in. Resulting in this tension between the "ridiculed" and for some, laughable, "fashion" and garments which results in death threats. It is so potent. It is so simple.

The weird thing about roles, expectations, colours and fabrics sewed together.

In the light of how reduced the clothing selection is for men, I have a theory that it is hindering me from something. And I want to find out what it is.

Since I'm considering myself a very normal man, I guess other people out there probably feel the same as me. If there is one, there is many. Right?

I think men have retreated from the arenas that women have gotten access to from the women rights movement. Why men have done this I don't know, but it may have something to do with how a man is traditionally looked upon for doing "women" things. Kind of like how much more appreciated a boyish girl is, from a girlish boy.

And since women can and should do everything, men are soon to retreat from everything. It has become ridiculous. How small and narrow cap a man must fit today to not be excluded as weak.

I wish and hope my children will experience a world that accepts who they are. And then I asked myself if I am doing what I want. Do I dare to be myself? And the answer was no. I had no courage to do what I was passion about. Because it was sewing and creating clothes.

I am jealous of the range of different styles and garments for women. It's not that I don't like a good suit or jeans. Its that it's more or less the only thing accepted for men to wear today. Instead of waiting for someone else to broaden what is accepted, I'm going to do what I can to help it.


Slow Hairy demon is engaged with technology. It is giving us many new opportunities. I feel very lucky to live now when so much technology is available. How and why should we merge this with fashion? Mostly why.

Dahls Slow Hairy Demon
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Øyvind Dahl




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